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Totaljobs for Recruiters

Totaljobs for recruiters is a leading job board in the UK, connecting talented job seekers with top employers across various industries.

As part of the prestigious Stepstone Group, Totaljobs leverages advanced technology and a vast network to provide effective recruitment solutions.

Whether you’re searching for skilled professionals or entry-level candidates, Totaljobs makes hiring seamless and efficient, helping you find the right fit for your team quickly and easily.

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Why you should advertise on Totaljobs

Extensive reach

With millions of job seekers visiting Totaljobs each month, your job listings gain unmatched visibility among a diverse talent pool.

Advanced matching technology

Totaljobs uses advanced algorithms to match your job posts with the best candidates, ensuring highly relevant applications.

Enhanced company branding

Promote your employer brand by featuring your logo prominently in your job posting. This attracts potential candidates and reinforces your company’s identity and values.

Mobile friendly platform

Reach job seekers on the go with a mobile optimised site, making the application process smooth for smartphone and tablet users.

Importance of mobile optimised content

Mobile-optimised content is crucial in today’s job market. Many job seekers use smartphones for their job hunt.

A mobile friendly platform ensures your job listings are easily accessible, whereby improving user experience and increases application rates.

Responsive design makes finding your way around smoother and more consequently more intuitive. This leads to higher engagement and application completion.

Reaching candidates on mobile devices expands your talent pool. It also ensures that your listings stay competitive. Enhancing mobile accessibility demonstrates your company’s adaptability. Ultimately, it helps you attract and secure top talent efficiently.

Targeted advertising

Totaljobs for recruiters offers targeted advertising options, allowing you to reach specific job seekers based on location, experience, skills and more.

Cost effective solutions

Totaljobs provides cost effective recruitment solutions tailored to your hiring needs, with flexible payment plans and packages to suit any budget.

From single job postings to unlimited access for a fixed monthly fee, Totaljobs has something for every recruiter.

Direct integration between Hiredonline & Totaljobs for Recruiters

The direct integration between Hiredonline and Totaljobs boosts your recruitment efficiency. Post job listings directly from Hiredonline to Totaljobs with just a few clicks, saving you time and effort.

Your postings benefit from Totaljobs’ extensive reach and advanced matching technology, while you enjoy Hiredonline’s user friendly interface and robust management tools.

This integration also keeps your candidate data synchronised across both platforms, ensuring a streamlined hiring workflow. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, this powerful integration makes talent acquisition more effective and hassle-free.

Personalised account management with Hiredonline

With a Hiredonline expert by your side, you get personalised support for your recruitment efforts, ensuring the best results from Totaljobs. We know Totaljobs’ features inside and out, helping you create job postings that attract top talent.

Hiredonline experts provide ongoing support throughout your recruitment journey. From setting up your account to monitoring job ad performance, they offer comprehensive assistance every step of the way.

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