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The best place to advertise jobs

In today’s digital age, it’s crucial for companies looking for top talent to advertise jobs online. It offers an efficient and cost effective method of reaching a vast audience.

Job advertising platforms offer convenience and accessibility, letting potential candidates explore opportunities from the comfort of their homes.

Do free job boards really work?

A free job board is where employers can post job vacancies at no cost. These platforms allow companies to reach a broad pool of potential applicants.

Free job boards can be a great option, especially the case for small businesses or startups with limited hiring budgets.

While free job boards offer the advantage of a large audience, they may not always attract the highest quality candidates. One reason for this is the lack of a screening process. This allows anyone to apply regardless of suitability for the role. It can result in a deluge of applications, many of which may not be from experienced or serious candidates. Increasing the time and effort required for the hiring team to sift through them is an indirect cost often overlooked.

The best UK job sites

    Reed is one of the UK’s leading job sites. It offers a large pool of candidates from various sectors, making it a great platform to post jobs to.
    Cost to advertise on Reed: £150
  • Totaljobs
    Totaljobs is a UK-based job posting site that caters to a wide variety of industries and job levels. Its advanced search features make it easier for job seekers to find relevant roles. Recently, Totaljobs has introduced a new WhatsApp job application facility.
    Cost to advertise on Totaljobs: £219
  • CV Library
    CV Library is another major UK job site with a vast database of CVs. This means employers can proactively search for suitable candidates as well as post their job ads.
    Cost to advertise on CV Library: £99
  • Indeed
    Indeed is one of the most popular job boards worldwide, with millions of postings from thousands of companies. The platform offers both free and sponsored advertising solutions.
    Cost to advertise on Indeed: Free & Pay per click options
  • Google Jobs
    Google Jobs is not a traditional job board, but an innovative job search tool that accesses postings from many other job sites, company websites, and agencies. When employers post jobs, Google can pick up on these adverts and display them in search results. This provides a significant boost in visibility and reach, potentially attracting a diverse pool of applicants.
    Cost to advertise on Google Jobs: Free

The benefits of online job advertising

  • Reach
    Online job postings have the potential to reach a vast audience.
  • Speed
    Posting job vacancies online is quick and easy, allowing companies to rapidly attract and screen potential candidates.
  • Cost effectiveness
    Compared to traditional recruitment methods, online job advertising can be less expensive.
  • Accessibility
    Potential candidates can easily access and apply for employment opportunities from the comfort of their own home or on the move.
  • Targeting
    Many online job sites offer targeted advertising, ensuring your vacancies reach the most relevant audience.
  • Tracking
    Job advertising platforms often include application tracking systems, making it easier to manage and monitor the recruitment process.
  • Visibility
    Online job posts can significantly improve a company’s visibility among job seekers.
  • Branding
    Companies can often customise their job posts with their logo and branding, further enhancing their corporate image among potential employees.

Is it worth posting to multiple job boards?

Posting job openings on multiple online job boards can greatly increase the reach of a company’s recruitment efforts. But is it worth it to post on more than one job board?

The short answer is yes and here are some reasons why:

  • Increased reach to a larger pool of potential candidates
  • Access to a wider range of skills and backgrounds
  • Entry to niche job boards, targeting specific industries or roles
  • Can lead to faster hiring due to a higher number of experienced candidates
  • Allows for comparison of job board effectiveness
  • Improves employer brand

Is there a cost effective way to post to multiple sites?

Companies like Hiredonline provide a straight forward option to simultaneously post on multiple job boards. By purchasing a bundled package, you can save hundreds of pounds. Sites like Hiredonline charge between £150 and £300. Much depends on whether you want a branded or none branded job post.

Branded ads often work better than none branded ads, with well known companies performing particularly well. Posting a none branded advert can often perform as well, if not better than a branded advert.

Hiredonline will  give you advice on which route to take.

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