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Advertise a job on Totaljobs for only £75

Totaljobs is one of the UK’s leading online job boards, committed to connecting candidates with employers.

A premium job advert posted with Hiredonline is only £75.

Totaljobs has a seamless integration with Hiredonline, simplifying the application process for job seekers.

This allows relevant candidates to easily apply to your job advertisement, reducing obstacles and ensuring a more efficient candidate experience.

  • Save money when posting a job to Totaljobs via Hiredonline
  • Advertise simultaneously on multiple UK job boards
  • Manage candidates using our user friendly ATS

How much does it cost to advertise a job on Totaljobs?

Posting job advertisements to Totaljobs through Hiredonline is cost effective and as a result you will significantly save you money.

Our close working relationship with Totaljobs allows us to leverage economies of scale, passing these savings directly onto you.

Whether you’re posting single or multiple job ads, you can trust in our commitment to deliver effective job postings solutions to employers.

Remember, for a branded job post via Hiredonline on Totaljobs, it’s only £75. This also includes the use of our integrated Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Branded with your company logo

Hiredonline will fully brand your job postings with your company logo.

This feature presents your identity and enhancing your company’s visibility in the job market.

Including your logo helps users to instantly associate your brand with the job posting, consequently making it more memorable and appealing.

This is just another way Hiredonline helps you to stand out in the competitive recruitment landscape.

Is the rate of £75 for new customers only?

No, the rate to post to Totaljobs via Hiredonline is for new and existing customers.

What if I have multiple roles to post?

Posting jobs to Totaljobs for multiple roles could save you even more money when hiring via Hiredonline.

If you have multiple jobs to post, then why not reach out to Hiredonline. We will help you hire candidates at the best possible rates.

Can I combine a Totaljobs job ad with a job ad on CV Library?

Yes, jobs posted to both Totaljobs and CV Library will help you hire UK based, relevant candidates quickly. You can do this easily using Hiredonline’s multiple job post tool.

Candidate management tools

Employers can easily post job openings and manage applications all in one place. Our ATS is easy to use and will streamline the recruitment process for hiring managers. Hiring platforms such as the Hiredonline ATS are an essential part of the recruitment process.

Is Totaljobs the same as Indeed?

Whilst both job boards will help you hire new employees, they are two completely separate job boards. Indeed generally operate a ‘pay per click’ model, whilst you pay a flat fee to post a job to Totaljobs.

What are the benefits of posting a job via Hiredonline?

  • Huge financial savings when advertising via Hiredonline
  • The ability to post jobs simultaneously to multiple premium UK job boards
  • Save time and reduce hassle with our easy to use candidate management system
  • Excellent customer support and guidance when composing your job ads
  • Google rating of 4.9 out 5


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